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What is paranormal research?

Paranormal research is the study of experiences that lie outside the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.

How many people are usually in a tour?

It depends on the size of the site but usually somewhere between 8 and 20. We want you to have a great expierience and it is important that everyone has an opportunity to use the equipment.

How old do you need to be in order to participate in a ghost hunt?

Due to the nature of these events and liability concerns you must be at least 18 years old to participate in our ghost hunt events. We are discussing the possiblity of having "junior" events - stay tuned!

What is the cost for a tour?

This depends on the venue but usually ranges from $15 - $65 per person.

How do I make a reservation for an upcoming event?

You can make a reservation for an upcoming event by sending us an email through the Contact Us page. Make sure you include your name, the date of the event and the total number of people that will be attending. One of our team members will respond via email with instructions and can answer any other questions you may have.

What do I need to bring on the Ghost Hunt Tours?

Just yourself! We provide all of the equipment you will need including flashlights. If you do have your own equipment feel free to bring it along!

What should I wear on the Ghost Hunt Tours?

We suggest wearing comfortable casual clothes and soft soled shoes (to cut down on noise for the recorders).

Do the Ghost Hunt locations have heat and rest rooms?

Currently all of our tour sites have heat and restrooms. If we add locations that do not it will be posted so you can prepare accordingly.

Do you clear houses of evil/demonic spirits?

No - our experience is in research but we can refer you to the Illuminate Your Spirit Team..

Do you provoke the spirits?

No - we do not believe in or allow provoking and/or bullying of the spirits.

What does GHS stand for?

GHS is an acronym - Ghost Hunting Sisters. The founders of the company are sisters - Kelly & Lisa.

What is an EVP?

EVP is an acronym - Electronic Voice Phenomenon and refers to voices or sounds captured using digital audio recorders that can detect sounds below the threshold of human perception. In the paranormal world, under the correct conditions, these sounds are considered to be voices from beyond the grave.

What is an orb?

An orb is a ball or circle of light that is usually found in videos or photographs. Some believe that an orb is the energy or the spirit of an individual who has passed. However, most orbs are often reflections or dust.

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