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Tons of fun, like usual. You guys are so much fun and provide a fantastic experience. 10/10 will be doing it again.

Miranda E. 4/18/2015

I had a lot of fun...There was definite "hot spots" where it seemed everyone in the group kept getting experiences. It was cool. If you guys ever go back, I'd like to come along.

Chelsea G. 4/18/2015

I just want to say Thanks to Illuminate Your Spirit! They had a wonderful ghost investigation at the Straight Farmhouse last night and it was a lot of fun with a lot of activity. GHS Paranormal Team led it and IYS hosted. I had a lot of fun and I believe they will be putting on more of these events open to the public 18 and older so if you would like to get in on the action, please go to each page and like it and stay tuned.

Courtney O. 1/18/2015

It was a lot of fun, my group and I are planning to do it again!

Kerry B. 10/21/2014

Thank you for a wonderful night, I would like to join in other investigations too, I loved it!

Lisa R. 10/20/2014

Last night at the Holly Hotel I had a great time. I would love to investigate with you guys more often. It was nice meeting all of you!

Laura H. 10/20/2014

The creepy house that we did our ghost hunt at had some activity - it was a great time!

Linda C. 10/18/2014

Thank you for letting us join in on the investigation yesterday. We had so much fun and are planning on joining in on future investigations!

Kristy A. 2/8/2014

Click here to see the WRIF video recap of the Straight Farm House Ghost Hunt.


I want to thank you and your entire team for hosting last nights event at the Straight Farm house. It was very exciting to see all the tools of the trade and have a chance to try one or two of them out!

Lisa W. 10/26/2013

We had a great time at the Straight Farmhouse last night! I think it topped Trenton Grand. Thank you! Looking forward to what 2014 has in store. Great job GHS!

Linda S. 10/26/2013

We had such a blast on Saturday night! We will definitely be out for another hunt, can't wait until you have the new schedule posted so we can start planning!

Ashley G. 10/26/2013

Loved it!

Diane I. 10/26/2013

It was a great creepy night at the Holly Hotel last night. Thanks a bunch.

Dale D. 10/21/2013

Thank you for a great time at the TV Grand last night...The anticipation was fun and you folks do a professional job. Have a great Autumn!

Joe O. 10/5/2013

Great experiences last night!

Sherry R. 09/13/2013

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Thank you for this awesome experience!! It was freaky and eye-opening!! The bunny falling still gives me the shivers!! Lol!

Chelsea G. 8/17/2013

Thanks so much for such a great night and experience ghost hunting! We will be back for sure!

Diane N. 8/17/2013

Very cool. Thank you guys! We will be back for sure!

Elizabeth R. 8/17/2013

Thank you guys for everything, I had a great time! Btw, it was me on the recorder asking if the person died in the hotel or outside, with a response “hotel”. What an amazing experience!

Lisa B. 5/17/2013

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I had a great time at the Whitney ghost hunt event last night! The dinner was wonderful. The psychics were super fun & brought a different dimension to the activity. Loved the access to the carriage house & basement areas. Lisa, Kelly & crew were personable, friendly & helpful. Great team, great event. Thank you!

Beth S. 4/28/2013

Thank you so much for a wonderful time at the Whitney!! I could been there all night, especially the carriage house. It was also nice to have the psychics there too, it helped with what questions to ask. Kelly was very helpful and patient with us as we learned how to use the equipment properly.

Elizabeth B. 4/28/2013

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Thank you again for having me. I was a bit skeptical at first, but by the end of the night I believe there is something out there. It was really cool, just bummed I didn't feel it get cold like the others did in the basement furnace room where the voice said my name and what's up. That was really cool. I would absolutely do it again!!!

Steve B. 4/20/2013

First time going to a ghost hunt, and it was amazing. Looking forward to doing it again.

Dori A. 2/10/2013

Had a blast last night hope to do it again!!! Thank you GHS!

Tammie P. 2/10/2013

My second time at the Straight House. Took some of my kids this time. We all enjoyed it. One got touched, one got her head pushed and one got hugged in the toy room. Great experiences. Thank you for letting them investigate, they had a blast using all the equipment!

Sue D. 2/10/2013

I just wanted thank you guys again for sharing your evidence and giving us the opportunity to be a part of a real paranormal investigation ! You guys are awesome !

Justin G. 1/13/2013

I want to thank all of you at GHS!! You were all so nice and very helpful. It was nice to see even the team try to debunk some of the MANY strange things that went on. GHS is the real thing. The instruments you allowed us to use in our search were the best! I showed up a skeptic and left praying one of the spirits didn't follow me home!!!!

Cheryl H. 11/18/2012

I went last night!!! We were in Garden City MI. Experienced sounds movements from another source! It was a different and fun time.

Margie B - 11/18/2012

Thanks for such a great experience last night! I had an awesome experience.

Bobby B. - 11/18/2012

I had a blast last night at the ghost hunt!! I went in as a skeptic, but I must admit there were quite a few things that happened that I couldn’t explain (especially the tug of the shirt ) You guys give a great tour!

Paul G. - 11/18/2012

I had the pleasure of being at the Allegan Lodge helping GHS do the investigation. They included me in on everything. Very professional and yet they made the whole experience enjoyable. A great investigative and informative team.

Sue D. - 10/29/2012

GHS came to my home. They were very professional & the paranormal experiences we documented were amazing. I would use them again.

Michele L. - 10/23/2012

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